American Heart Month: Love Your Heart

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This February take charge of your diabetes by loving your heart. National Heart Month is a great reminder that it is good to be good to ourselves.  Decrease your risk of heart disease by knowing the ABC’s of diabetes.

A: Have your A1C checked with every 3 month appointment. What is A1C? It is your average blood glucose level over the past 3 months. Your A1C can paint a picture of where your blood glucose has been and if changes to your diabetes medicine(s), physical activity, and/or diet should be considered.

B: Your blood pressure goal should be 130/80 or less to decrease your risk of diabetic complications such as kidney disease that can be associated with diabetes. For this reason, your blood pressure is monitored at the center with every visit.

C: Can you guess what “C” stands for? If you guessed cholesterol, great job! Cholesterol can be greatly influenced by our diet. Improve your cholesterol by limiting saturated and trans fats commonly found in regular cheese, whole milk, and baked goods. Foods with less saturated and trans fat can be much better choices including low-fat or fat-free dairy, lean meat and planted based foods such like nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Substitute heart healthy plant based fats for saturated and trans fat to help lower your cholesterol.

Knowing your numbers- A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol related labs- is a big step in taking control of your diabetes and loving your heart. To ensure that your ABC’s are in target, visit your doctor regularly and speak with your diabetes educator for support in your heart healthy lifestyle.


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