Tips for Driving Safe wtih Diabetes

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Driving safely is not just about watching where you are going, it is also about watching where your blood sugar is going.  You are at higher risk for a low blood sugar if you take insulin or diabetes medications that lower blood sugar.  Low blood sugar can interfere with your judgment to drive, and can be fatal to you and others.

To keep you and others safe on the road, below are tips for safe driving:

Check before you drive
Before you get behind the wheel, check your blood sugar.  It should be above 100 mg/dlbefore you drive.  If it is below 70 mg/dl treat with 15 gms of fast-acting carbohydrate, and check again in 15 minutes.  Consider calling someone if you are by yourself. Do not start your car until you recheck your sugar and treat until you are above 100 mg/dl.

Check regularly
Check your blood sugar every 1-2 hours during your trip and to pull over at the first sign of a low blood sugar.  Check every time you make a pit stop.

Plan your trip
Plan your trip carefully. Never miss a meal or snack before you drive.
Think about the length of your drive, and if the carbohydrate amount you ate will be enough to keep your blood sugar in the safe range.

Be Prepared
Keep your meter and a fast acting carbohydrate like glucose tabs, hard candy, juice, or regular soda within reach. And remember to pack snacks.

Wear Medical ID
Make sure to wear a medical bracelet or keep a diabetes identification card in your wallet. If you do suffer from a low blood sugar episode, this will allow for identification by medical personnel.


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