Measuring the Intensity of Your Workout

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Rollerblade Man

Want to know how hard you are working? Use the ‘Talk Test’. This test can be used as a way to measure intensity of activity. A person who is active at a light intensity level should be able to sing while doing the activity. One who is active at a moderate intensity level should be able to carry on a conversation comfortably while engaging in the activity. If the person becomes winded or too out of breath to carry on a conversation, the activity can be considered vigorous.

Light-Intensity Activities:
(40 to 50% of target heart rate)

  • Walking slowly
  • Golf, powered cart
  • Swimming, slow treading
  • Gardening or pruning
  • Bicycling, very light effort
  • Dusting or vacuuming
  • Conditioning exercise, light stretching or warm up

Moderate-Intensity Activities:
(50% to 70% target heart rate)

  • Walking briskly
  • Golf, pulling or carrying clubs
  • Swimming, recreational
  • Mowing lawn, power motor
  • Tennis, doubles
  • Bicycling 5 to 9 mph, level terrain, or with a few hills
  • Scrubbing floors or washing windows
  • Weight lifting, Nautilus machines or free weights

Vigorous-Intensity Activities:
(70% to 85% of target heart rate)

  • Race-walking, jogging or running
  • Swimming laps
  • Mowing lawn, hand mower
  • Tennis, singles
  • Bicycling more than 10 mph, or on steep uphill terrain
  • Moving or pushing furniture
  • Circuit training

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