Making Your Resolutions Stick

January 2, 2013 at 10:15 am Leave a comment


It’s the start of a new year which means many of us attempt to make resolutions that will improve our lives.  For January we are so motivated to focus on our goals, in February we are tired of thinking about our goal and by the time March comes….what goal? This year, try to make those goals stick and promote lifetime change.  These simple steps will ensure your adherence and motivation towards sticking to the plan.

Identify a Goal and Create a Plan:  Focus on one goal rather than multiple.  Remembering to take small steps towards lifetime change is important. Once a plan it created focus specifically on how you are going to accomplish that goal.

Start Today:  Begin by putting the plan into motion from day one; procrastination will only decrease your motivation to accomplish the goal.

Take Notes:  Keeping a journal or notebook will help assist you with tracking your progress along with motivation to keep you focused.

Be Realistic:  Remember that change does not occur overnight.  Being realistic about your goals and progress will guide you towards adherence.  Frequently review your notes leaving room for flexibility in the plan.  Keep in mind that life happens and avoid begin discouraged when you have an off day.

By staying focused and taking it one day at a time change can occur leading you towards the ultimate accomplishment of your goal.  Make 2013 a year to remember!


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