Need Some Helpful Tips to Eat Less?

April 18, 2012 at 4:06 pm Leave a comment

1.    Identify Trigger Foods —  Most people have certain foods that they tend to overeat.  Being aware of these foods is the first step.  Then you should find the recommended portion size and stick to that portion.  Measure that portion size out before you begin eating and don’t let yourself go back for more.

2.    See Less Food — People are trained to eat whatever amount of food is placed before them.  The trick to eating less is placing half (or more) of your meal in a takeout container before you begin eating if you are dining out at a restaurant.  You will have less food on your plate and end up eating less.  The same method is true for snacks.  If you are eating chips, count out the number that are included in a serving size and place them in a bowl, so you are not eating straight from the bag.

3.    Use Smaller Plates and Bowls — If you eat meals on a smaller plate, such as a salad plate, you cannot put as much food on your plate but still feel satisfied when you are done with your meal.  It tricks your mind to think you are eating more than you are.

4.    Create an After-Meal Ritual — The purpose of this is to provide a cue to stop eating.  This ritual could include behaviors such as brushing your teeth, chewing a piece of sugarless gum, or drinking a cup of hot tea.

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