Fast Food Size Inflation Over the Years

March 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm Leave a comment

• Burger King opens and offers a 12oz small and 16oz large soft drink
• McDonald’s opens and offers a 7oz soft drink, 2.4oz French fries

• McDonald’s begins to offer a 12oz soft drink and introduces the Big Mac

• McDonald’s adds a larger, 3.5oz fries and 21-22oz soft drinks to the menu along with the Quarter Pounder
• Pizza Hut begins selling a ‘Thick ‘n Chewy’ Pizza

• Burger King introduces a double bacon cheeseburger
• McDonald’s increases the size of a large fries to 4.5oz and adds the option to ‘Super Size’ them
• Pizza Hut introduces a Personal Pan Pizza – larger than a single slice
• Wendy’s launches the ‘Where’s the Beef’ campaign

• Hardees introduces the ‘Monster Burger’ – 2 quarter pounders, 3 slices of cheese and 8 slices of bacon
• McDonald’s launches the ‘Super Size Me’ campaign
• Pizza Hut introduces the ‘Big Foot’ Pizza
• Starbucks introduces Venti, 20oz sized beverages and stops promoting the Short, 8oz size

• Hardees introduces the ‘Monster Thick Burger’ – 1,420 calories and 107g fat
• McDonald’s large fries increase to 6.3oz, super size is 7.1oz
• Wendy’s introduces a triple cheeseburger

*Source: The Portion Teller — Smartsize Your Way to Permanent Weight Loss, Lisa R Young, PhD, RD*


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