Tips to Incorporate More Activity Into Your Day

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Find Fun Activities You Enjoy — Make sure these fit into your busy schedule. Perhaps you choose one you can do outside and one inside for when the weather is bad or it’s too cold. Select one activity that helps you burn calories and glucose (like walking or biking) and another one that helps you build muscles (like lifting or walking with light weights or using the machines at a fitness place).

Set Realistic, Reachable Goals — Set your first goal at three ten minute walks each week or even less. If you reach this goal, increase the number of minutes you walk. Then increase the number of times a week you walk.

Find a Partner or Join an Exercise Group — This can help you stay on track and make exercise more fun. Look in your area for a mall or local walking program. Or find an online group.

Be Active in 10-minute Spurts — Don’t feel that if you can’t exercise for 30 minutes at a time, it’s not worth it. It’s just as good to add up 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there for a total of 30 minutes. This may be easier to fit in.

Be More Active All Day — Think about what you do each day and how you can work in more steps. Can you take the stairs more often instead of an elevator? Can you park further away from where you work, shop, or do errands? Can you get up to change the TV channel rather than using the remote? You’ll be amazed at how these extra minutes and steps add up.

Make a Plan — People tend to be more successful when they set specific physical activity goals for themselves. Once you set a realistic, specific goal for yourself, make a plan to achieve that goal. It may help to write down your goals and your plan.

*Adapted from the American Diabetes Association (*


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