Beverages – Why They Could be Sabotaging Your Diabetes and Weight Management Efforts!

January 23, 2012 at 4:10 pm Leave a comment

If you are consuming caloric beverages, be sure to count the carbohydrates and calories!

Water is a necessity in everyday life.  It is calorie free, keeps us hydrated, balances out our electrolytes, and flushes out our systems.  However, you may not choose to drink water all the time.

Caloric beverages = carbohydrates = sugar = elevated blood glucose readings

Sweet tea, milk, juice, smoothies, shakes, and sport drinks can provide hydration and can be incorporated into your meal plan, but the carbohydrates and calories need to be taken into consideration.  The important factor to point out is the carbohydrates are coming from sugar.  Your beverages such as sweet tea, juice, smoothies, shakes, and sport drinks may be very high in sugar and can cause “spikes” in your blood glucose. 

Read those labels!!!

Label reading is crucial when it comes to “drinking your calories” because many times there may be more than 1 serving in a container, so you may be doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your carbohydrate or sugar intake.    Beverages like regular soda, sweet tea, juice, and shakes can add 400+ calories to your meal – more if you have refills.  Beverages high in calories can be a contributor to weight gain and erratic spikes in your blood glucose levels. 

Choose water and sugar free/calorie free beverages throughout the day if possible and remember to get your low fat or skim milk in as well.  Milk is a great source of lean protein, as well as phosphorus, vitamin D, and calcium, with only 80 calories and 12 grams carbohydrate for 8 oz (skim).

Water, low fat/skim milk, and sugar free beverages should be priority. If you plan to consume a caloric beverage, you’ll want to cut back on calories and carbohydrates elsewhere in your meal plan.

Remember it’s all about moderation!


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