5 Ways to Move More at Work

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I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that there is an obesity epidemic going on in the United States. Some contributing factors include the extra large portions we are now served at restaurants, the increased amount of processed foods we now have available to us, and the growing number of fast food establishments tempting us with their affordable and quick menu options. Another factor is that we are just more sedentary than we have ever been before, especially in the workplace. Research indicates that desk workers are 54 percent more likely to die of a heart attack!


Here are 5 ways to help keep you moving throughout your work day.


#1: Take Breaks Often

Take one 10 to 15 minute break every hour to walk around, stretch or grab some water. Find a quiet corner to do some jumping jacks, lunges, yoga moves or whatever you enjoy. When you are taking a bathroom break, walk to the furthest bathroom available in your office suite or building.

#2: Office Stretch Time



Take some time to stretch whether it be in the privacy of your own office or in the company of other coworkers.



#3: Face to Face Communication



These days office communication consists of emails, texts and instant messages. While these are all effective ways to communicate, they keep us more sedentary. If you find yourself having a lengthy IM or email sessions, visit that person in their office have a face to face conversation with them. Or call that person on the phone and stand up at your desk during the conversation.



#4: Walk during Lunchtime



Instead of doing more sitting during lunch while you talk with co-workers, take 15- 20 minutes to walk around your office space. Or if you are lucky enough to work in an office building with more than one story, walk the stairs! Encourage your co-workers to walk with you.



#5: Replace your desk chair with an exercise ball.



This will allow you to improve your posture and engage your abdominals. You can even move side to side while sitting on the ball to work your obliques.



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